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Flexible paintwork finishing polish for paintwork damage correction.

Key Benefits:

 Specifically developed for 1- step polishing of locally sanded paint damage, e.g. dust inclusions or runs.
 Nano-abrasives enable effective scratch removal with an optimal gloss.
 Removes sanding up to grain size P2000.



Based on extensive test results, SONAX Profiline Perfect Finish is by far one of the most flexible compound polishes. It works equally as well on German clear coats, Asian clear coats, Asian OEM clear coats and domestic paint finishes. Perfect Finish was developed for single-step polishing of sanded paint defects such as dust inclusions or paint runs. It removes marks of P2000 grit or finer.

Tech Tip: SONAX Profiline Perfect Finish is versatile in how it may be applied. Use it with a dual-action or rotary polisher equipped with either a foam cutting, polishing or finishing pad.

Accessory pad used with SONAX Profiline Perfect Finish for optimum application.

SONAX polishing sponge green (MEDIUM) -StandardPad- 200mmArt. No. 04936000

SONAX polishing sponge green (MEDIUM)-StandardPad- 160mmArt. No. 04930000