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Applied to wet vehicle -fast and potent sealing of paintwork, chrome and plastic.

Key Benefits
✓ Used during car wash - quick n easy protectant, spray-on rinse off.
✓ Spray onto shampoo or afterwards.
 Restores existing sealant and is perfect for the maintenance of ceramic coating.
 Reinforces the water repellent effect - fantastic water beading and sheeting.
✓ Brings back the shine and surface smoothness.
 Apply not only to paint also plastic, seals, door jams and vehicle seams.
 Consumption per vehicle 150 - 200ml per vehicle.

SONAX TIP: Spray your rims and the dirt will remove more easily at the next wash.


Accessories you may also like to use with SONAX PROFILINE SPRAY & SEAL for optimum application results.

We recommend the SONAX Tap for easy decanting of product. 

Accessories you may also like to use with the SONAX SprayBoy, Adjustable jet & mist hand pump bottle with an easy to use mixing scale.