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One step high gloss polish for professional polishing of slightly weathered or sanded paintwork with an orbital polishing machine. Low Dust Technology.

Key Benefits

✓ Especially suitable for polishing new paintwork and in preparation for paint protection.
✓ Removes sanding marks up to grain size P2000 or finer.
✓ Provides optimal scratch removal.
✓ Gives an impressing deep shine.
✓ Outstanding restoration of colours.
✓ Top hologram-free results.
✓ Water based and silicone-free.
✓ Long working window- low dusting.
✓ Easy wipe-off.
✓ Versatile and economical 30 to 50 cars.


1L handy squeeze bottle for easy dosage. SONAX PROFILINE EX 04-06 is formulated specifically for the unique random orbital action of the DA polisher. It delivers impressive cutting and finishing. It is aggressive enough to remove moderate paint imperfections while offering the finishing quality of a fine cut polish. EX 04-06 is a DA-specific version of Perfect Finish. This medium cut polish utilizes the most advanced diminishing abrasives removing moderate to heavy swirl marks, water spots and oxidation while finishing like a fine-cut polish.

Accessory pads used with SONAX PROFILINE EX 04-06 for optimum application.

SONAX Polishing Sponge yellow Dual Action (SOFTER) -FinishPad- 143mm Art. No. 04933410

SONAX Polishing Sponge yellow Dual Action (SOFTER) -FinishPad- 165mm Art. No. 04935000